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Keshavchand Gyan Niketan

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Ram Kumar Tiwari

Ram Kumar Tiwari


Founder's Message

Children are grace of God and the hope of humanity. The aims of establishing Keshavchand Gyan Niketan is to convey the responsibility to the society.

I assure my team, parents and the children that I must create a living environment where one can meet one's prospective and has the best opportunity to make them worthy to scale the height of success.

I believe that success follows those who follows their heart. As a co-foster of the student my prime prospect is to ensure 360-degree development to students in KGN premises.

The quotes of KGN is 'Get education and Light the world'. I have personal belief in it. It is my dream to do whatever possible to meet the sure of each word in it.

I assure each one who is concern with me that I must have the best team for furnishing the future of India.

---"My best wishes with you"
Ram Kumar Tiwari

Ravi Kant Tiwari

Ravi Kant Tiwari


Principal's Message

We, the team of KGN, believe, the students have ultimate potential. If it is nourished properly, they must be ideal Nation builder.

So, we don't estimate knowledge by the kilos of books. It is our mission to impart a conversant blossoming environment to the students which empower them to cope with the challenges of time.

It is our quiet beliefs a student should be self-confident, intellectual, disciplined, hardworking innovative and kind-hearted.

To meet our prospect, we arrange a wide range of co-curricular activities along with academic education.

Most important is that we inculcate the heart of our youth along with educating their minds to accredit them socially conscious.

---"My best's with my youth"
Ravi Kant Tiwari